Firework Warehouse Explosion: Owners Arrested

explosion arrest

Couple Turns Themselves In

The owners of a fireworks warehouse in Narathiwat that exploded last weekend, killing 12 people and injuring 121, turned themselves in to police, according to a local source. The couple, identified as Sompong Napol, 42, and Piyanuch Puengwirawat, 42, crossed the border from Malaysia via the Sadao checkpoint after police issued warrants for their arrest in connection with the July 29 explosion in Tambon Muno, Sungai Kolok district.

Consequences of the Explosion

The explosion not only claimed lives and caused injuries, but also damaged 292 houses in the area. The couple, whose business was allegedly backed by local politicians, was escorted to Muno police station for questioning after their detention was recorded at the Sadao station.

Legal Charges

Sompong and Piyanuch will face charges, including negligence causing death, and importing and selling fireworks without a license, which is a violation of the Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, and Fireworks Act.

Ongoing Investigation

Police continue to investigate the incident and its potential motives and consequences. The case highlights the importance of strict regulations and enforcement surrounding the handling and sale of fireworks and other explosives. This tragic event serves as a reminder of the potential dangers associated with the improper storage and handling of such materials.