Spaniard Admits to Killing Colombian Lover

murder confession

A Gruesome Crime on Koh Phangan

A Spanish chef, Daniel Sancho Bronchalo, aged 29, has confessed to the murder of his Colombian lover, Edwin Arrieta Arteaga, 44, on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. According to police, Sancho dismembered Arteaga’s body and disposed of the parts in a landfill and the surrounding sea.

Confession Under Police Questioning

Initially, Sancho denied any involvement in the crime. However, after intense questioning by the police, he admitted to committing the gruesome act. Sancho is a well-known chef in Spain with his own YouTube channel, while the victim, Arteaga, owned a successful plastic surgery clinic in Monteria, Colombia.

Evidence Found in Hotel Room

Police discovered further evidence of human remains in a hotel room believed to be the crime scene. Hair, fat, and tissue samples were collected from the room’s drain pipes and sent for testing. The results are expected soon. Security footage from various locations on the island linked Sancho to the case, as he was the last person seen with the victim.

A Relationship and a Possible Motive

Relatives of the victim revealed that Arteaga had been in a relationship with Sancho for over a year. The motive for the murder remains unclear, but police suspect it might stem from jealousy. Further investigation is ongoing to uncover the full details of this tragic and shocking crime.