Former Homeowner Surrenders After Killing New Owner

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Incident Overview

An unfortunate incident recently occurred in Pathum Thani, where a dispossessed former homeowner, Decha Phayakkha (66), allegedly killed the new owner, Kamolporn Donthong (52). The tragic event took place on Tuesday afternoon. Decha eventually surrendered to the police later that night.

Timeline of Events

Kamolporn had bought the house through a bank via the Legal Execution Department. On that fateful day, she arrived at the house around 3 pm to discuss Decha’s moving out. However, Decha refused to leave the property and reportedly shot her dead while she was outside the house.

After the shooting, Decha barricaded himself inside the house. The police promptly surrounded the area, and a special operations squad was deployed. When negotiation attempts by Decha’s daughter failed, the police continued their efforts to persuade him to surrender.

By 4:30 pm, Pol Col Jirawat Piampinset, the chief of Thanyaburi police station, further requested Decha to lay down his weapon and surrender peacefully. The situation escalated at around 5:30 pm when Decha fired shots from the house as the special operations police moved closer. Eventually, Decha agreed to surrender shortly before 8 pm.

Aftermath and Legal Proceedings

The next day, Decha’s son, daughter, and a lawyer visited him at the Thanyaburi police station. According to Pol Capt Sariphong Apiwan, the deputy investigation chief at Thanyaburi, Decha appeared stressed overnight but calmed down when his children visited him.

Decha currently faces several charges, including murder, attempting to kill officers on duty, and firearms offenses. The police plan to take him to the Thanyaburi Provincial Court and apply for his detention during the first 12-day investigation period.

Impact on the Community

The tragic event at the Pathum Thani housing estate has undoubtedly left a mark on the community. The loss of life in such a violent manner has emphasized the importance of addressing conflicts peacefully and finding solutions that respect the rights and well-being of all parties involved.