Successful Phuket Crime-Free Project

phuket crime-free measures

The Phuket crime-free project has demonstrated notable success with over 1,000 foreigners apprehended for overstaying their visas. This achievement was made possible through the collaboration of 800 accommodation providers and the local Phuket Immigration Office.

Strengthening Law Enforcement through Cooperation

The Phuket Immigration Office has endorsed crime-free measures, which enable businesses to report suspicious activities involving foreign guests to the local police. This collaboration has significantly contributed to keeping the island resort safe and secure for both locals and tourists.

Increased Foreign Guests Registration

Phuket immigration chief, Pol Col Thanet Sukchai, stated that the number of foreign guests registered at accommodations in Phuket during the past two months was over 20% higher than the number of foreign tourists who had arrived during the same period. The new database has been a valuable asset in tracking down missing foreigners, as demonstrated by a recent case.

Immigration Police Raids and Arrests

From May 1-25, Immigration Police conducted raids on 1,550 target locations in Phuket, arresting 11 foreigners who had overstayed their visas and another four who had entered Thailand illegally.

Overstayers’ Statistics

According to the Immigration Bureau’s Information Technology Centre, 1,050 foreigners had overstayed their visas. Among them, 391 were not found at their reported accommodations and 228 had already left Thailand. Additionally, 331 tourists requested visa extensions, 109 had reportedly passed away, one was bedridden, and another had obtained Thai citizenship. Legal action is currently being pursued against only nine visa overstayers.

Reporting Overstayers and Illegal Activities

Phuket Immigration Office encourages the public to submit any information about tourists overstaying their visas or engaging in illegal activities through their office or the Traffy Fondue application. This collective effort ensures the continued success of the crime-free project and helps maintain the safety and security of Phuket’s idyllic island destination.