Introduction to the Weaving Community Strength Project

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Excited to celebrate the launch of the Weaving Community Strength Project in Ko Samui! Together, we’re combating dengue fever and empowering the community for a healthier tomorrow. #CommunityStrength #DenguePrevention #WeavingHealthierFutures 🌿🌞

In the tropical haven of Ko Samui, public health officials are taking proactive steps to shield the community from the persistent threat of dengue fever. The “Weaving Community Strength Project” is not only about combating the disease but also about nurturing the threads of community involvement and resilience. This initiative blends traditional wisdom with modern outreach to form a tapestry of preventive measures.

Project Launch Day: A Pioneering Step

It was a significant morning on April 23, 2024, in the serene surroundings of Wat Jaeng Pavilion. Residents of the Ang Thong Subdistrict gathered as Mr. Pijarn Kongchatri, the stand-in officer for the Ko Samui District Public Health, initiated the program. Amidst the tranquil echoes of the pavilion, the air buzzed with a unified purpose.

Empowering Village Health Volunteers

The project’s backbone comprises several teams of Village Health Volunteers (VHVs), who have undertaken the charge to spread awareness and preventive practices. Each group is assigned a specific number of households and is equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to make an impact.

VHV Group 1: A Forward March with 714 Households

With 39 dedicated VHVs, Group 1 has the task of reaching out to 714 households. Their mission is to educate and prepare residents to combat dengue fever, backed by a budget of 58,594 Baht from the National Health Security Fund.

Group 2: Weaving Safety into 400 Households

Mirroring Group 1 in volunteer strength, the second team also strides forward with a budget of 58,280 Baht. Their focus is on integrating preventive measures into the daily lives of the community members they are responsible for.

Group 3: The Largest Outreach with 1,222 Households

The third group is the largest, encompassing 1,222 households under their watchful care. With 30 VHVs at the helm, they are well-funded to the tune of 48,522 Baht to diminish the dengue menace.

Group 4: Concentrated Efforts for 263 Households

Despite being smaller with 16 VHVs, Group 4’s concentrated efforts are no less critical. They have a clearly defined target and a budget of 28,083 Baht to support their endeavors.

Group 5: Final Frontier with 840 Households

Wrapping up the VHV groups, the fifth team mirrors the fourth in volunteer count but not in scope, covering 840 households. They are equally supported financially, with 28,660 Baht to manage their preventive operations.

The Role of the National Health Security Fund

The National Health Security Fund of Ko Samui Municipality has been instrumental in underpinning the project. Recognizing the gravity of dengue fever and its impact, they’ve extended financial and strategic support to curtail the disease’s spread. Their commitment goes beyond mere funding; it is about instilling a culture of health consciousness and self-care among the people.

Engaging the Community for a Healthier Tomorrow

The project’s success hinges on community engagement and the spread of knowledge. With a structured approach and the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders, the Weaving Community Strength Project is on course to forge a healthier, dengue-free future for Ko Samui.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the aim of the Weaving Community Strength Project in Ko Samui?

The Weaving Community Strength Project in Ko Samui is a community-focused health initiative aimed at combating dengue fever and empowering residents. Its objective is to enhance the resilience and involvement of the community in preventive measures against this disease by blending traditional wisdom with modern outreach. The project celebrates the unity and strength of the local community in their efforts to protect against health threats and to foster a culture of collective well-being.

Who are the Village Health Volunteers (VHVs), and what role do they play in this project?

Village Health Volunteers (VHVs) are the backbone of this project. They are teams of local volunteers who have committed to spreading awareness and implementing dengue prevention practices within their community. Each team is responsible for a set number of households, providing them with the necessary education and resources to effectively combat dengue fever. VHVs are pivotal in the project’s structured approach to engage the community and ensure the spread of knowledge for a healthier future.

How does the National Health Security Fund contribute to the Weaving Community Strength Project?

The National Health Security Fund plays a crucial role in supporting the Weaving Community Strength Project both financially and strategically. The fund has allocated specific budgets to different groups of VHVs to facilitate their dengue prevention campaigns. This support underscores the fund’s commitment to instilling a culture of health consciousness and self-care among Ko Samui residents. Beyond providing monetary backing, the National Health Security Fund is integral in bolstering the community’s effort to cultivate a dengue-free environment.