Village Doctor Training Project under His Majesty the King’s Royal Initiative for 2023

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Opening Ceremony

On September 7, 2023, at 09:00 a.m., the Village Doctor Training Project under His Majesty the King’s Royal Initiative for 2023 commenced at Samui Phet Conference Room, Koh Samui Municipality. Ms. Panida Pahuakan, Deputy Municipal Clerk, presided over the opening ceremony. Ms. Natnoy Srisaeng reported the objectives of the project, while trainees and municipal employees from the Public Health and Environment Department were in attendance.

Collaborative Training Efforts

The training in this session received the support and sponsorship of instructor teams from Koh Samui Hospital. Notable instructors included Dr. Anya Chaiyasuwan, Emergency Medical Physician, Ms. Kanyasuda Nammoonluek, Emergency Medical Nurse, Ms. Orawan Chuenhomthip, Emergency Medical Nurse, Ms. Chatchaporn Nonseepri, Emergency Medical Technician, and Mr. Samrong Chinwannan, Emergency Medical Technician.

The Growing Need for Emergency Medical Assistance

The number of emergency illnesses occurring in households has been steadily increasing due to accidents and dangerous or chronic diseases, such as heart diseases, cerebral vascular diseases, and diabetes. These conditions may require immediate assistance at the scene before being transferred to a standard hospital as quickly as possible.

Community Emergency Volunteers (CEV)

Recognizing the importance of such situations, the National Institute of Emergency Medicine (NIEM) supports and initiates the development of general public or volunteer-based first aid training. This training produces “Community Emergency Volunteers (CEV)” who are skilled in assisting emergency patients in the community initially.

Training Activities and Goals

Koh Samui Municipality organized practical training activities for Community Emergency Volunteers (CEV) based on the Village Doctor Training Project under His Majesty the King’s Royal Initiative. The training aimed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to provide basic first aid, basic life support, and proper use of an AED. Trainees were also taught to communicate and report news to the community, enabling proper and timely self-care and assistance for those nearby in emergency situations.

Overall, the Village Doctor Training Project seeks to improve community emergency care and promote a more effective response to emergencies within the community. By empowering individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge, the project aims to create a safer and more resilient society for all.