Safe Riding, Wear a Helmet Project

road safety helmet use

Launch Ceremony

On September 7, 2023, at 08:30 a.m., a launch ceremony was held at Municipal School 4 (Wat Kiri Maas) for the Safe Riding, Wear a Helmet Project. The event was attended by a diverse group of participants, including Mrs. Chalat Patphrom, a Fund Committee member (expert), teachers and students of Municipal School 4 (Wat Kiri Maas), police officers, municipal employees, and representatives from the Public Health and Environment Department.

Project Objectives

The main objectives of the Safe Riding, Wear a Helmet Project are to prevent and reduce traffic accidents within the school and to ensure that students attending the training have the knowledge and understanding of proper road usage according to standards and traffic laws.

Training Program

During the training program, students will learn about the importance of wearing helmets while riding and the safe use of roads. They will receive instruction on traffic laws, road safety measures, and responsible riding practices. The goal is to not only teach students about road safety but also to instill a sense of responsibility toward society.

Health Fund Support and Long-term Goals

The Health Fund of Koh Samui Municipality supports the implementation of the training project for students to gain knowledge, understanding, and awareness of the importance of the project. This initiative aims to build awareness, understanding, and a sense of responsibility toward society, laying the foundation for creating a sustainable road safety culture in Thai society.

Impact on the Community

By promoting safe riding habits and the use of helmets, the project aims to have a lasting impact on the community. Students who participate in the program will be more likely to practice safe road usage, leading to a decrease in traffic accidents. Additionally, the project hopes to foster a sense of civic responsibility among students, encouraging them to become advocates for road safety within their communities.

In conclusion, the Safe Riding, Wear a Helmet Project is an essential initiative in promoting road safety among students and fostering a culture of responsible riding habits. With the continuous support from the Koh Samui Municipality Health Fund and the wider community, this project can make a significant positive impact on Thai society.