Investigation Clears Overloaded Truck Incident of Bribery Allegations

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🚦 Investigation clears overloaded truck incident on Sukhumvit Road of bribery allegations. Despite suspicions, no evidence of corruption was found, ensuring a fair conclusion. However, the consequences of this incident were significant, causing interruptions in power line work and injuring two individuals. #SukhumvitRoad #InvestigationOutcome #NoCorruptionFound #SafetyFirst

🚚 An overloaded truck incident on Sukhumvit Road has been cleared of bribery allegations after an investigation. Eyewitness suspicions were sparked by a star-shaped sticker, but the police found no evidence of corruption. Nevertheless, the consequences were severe, resulting in disruptions to power line work and injuries to two individuals. #OverloadedTruck #InvestigationResults #NoBriberyFound #SafetyConsequences

Incident Overview

On a bustling day on November 8, 2023, Sukhumvit Road, a key artery in the heart of the city, was the scene of an alarming incident. A lorry, heavily laden with soil, became the center of attention as it caused a section of the road to give way, resulting in a roadworks cover collapse. Immediate concerns arose due to the apparent overload of the vehicle, with its gross weight clocking in at a staggering 37.45 tonnes—well over the legal limit of 25 tonnes.

The Bribery Suspicion

Following the incident, eyewitnesses couldn’t help but notice a star-shaped sticker emblazoned with the letter B on the truck’s front windscreen. This seemingly innocuous detail sparked a wave of speculation. It brought back memories of a recent scandal involving allegations that certain overloaded trucks avoided arrest through the use of special stickers, indicating a bribe had been paid. This led to an uproarious public demand for a thorough investigation.

Police Inquiry and Findings

Responding to the uproar, an inquiry panel was swiftly convened by the police inspector-general. The team delved deep into the case, looking for any sign that might link the dreaded B sticker to illicit activities. However, their findings were conclusive—there was no evidence of bribery. The B sticker, previously thought to be a mark of corruption, was simply a symbol signifying the truck’s belonging to the fleet owned by Mr. Wuthipat Jantharinthrakorn, affectionately nicknamed “Big.”

Owner and Driver’s Position

Both the owner, Mr. Wuthipat, and the driver, Sakmongkol Thasako, have been forthright in addressing the accusations leveled against them. They vehemently denied any wrongdoing in relation to the operation of an overloaded truck and any acts of recklessness. The owner explained his side of the story, sharing his personal superstitions and the innocent origin of the sticker.

Consequences of the Overload

Despite the absence of bribery, the consequences of the truck’s excessive load were significant. The road collapse interrupted the power line and cabling work, which involved transferring these utilities underground to improve the urban landscape and reduce the risk of accidents. The incident was not without injury, as two individuals—a cab driver and a deliveryman—suffered physical harm amidst the chaos.


  • Overloaded: The truck carried a weight exceeding the legal load limit.
  • Truck: The vehicle involved in the collapse of the roadworks cover.
  • Sukhumvit: The location of the incident, an important thoroughfare in the city.
  • Weight: The primary factor contributing to the road collapse due to the truck carrying soil beyond the permissible limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the outcome of the police investigation into the overloaded truck incident on Sukhumvit Road?

The recent investigation into the overloaded truck incident on Sukhumvit Road has concluded with a clear verdict—no evidence of bribery was found. Despite the initial suspicions raised by a star-shaped sticker on the truck’s windscreen, the police inquiry determined that there was no link to corruption. The sticker, once thought to indicate a bribe, turned out to be a benign symbol of the vehicle’s fleet ownership.

How did the overloaded truck affect the surrounding infrastructure and individuals?

The incident involving the overloaded truck had substantial repercussions. With its weight far exceeding the legal limit, the truck caused a roadworks cover to collapse, which resulted in significant disruptions to the ongoing work of transferring power lines underground. This project was aimed at enhancing the urban landscape and safeguarding against accidents. Additionally, the unfortunate event led to injuries sustained by two individuals—a taxi driver and a delivery person—who were caught up in the resultant chaos.

Were the truck owner and driver held accountable for the overload, and what was their response to the accusations?

Both Mr. Wuthipat Jantharinthrakorn, the owner of the truck, and Sakmongkol Thasako, the driver, confronted the accusations of operating an overloaded vehicle and potential recklessness head-on. They firmly denied any misconduct related to the incident. Mr. Wuthipat, in particular, offered an explanation for the misunderstood sticker, attributing its presence to personal superstitions rather than any illicit intent or practice.