Investigation into Suspected Murder of Thai Woman in Berlin

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Thai Embassy Monitoring the Situation

The Thai embassy in Berlin is keeping a close watch on the German police’s investigation into the suspected murder of a Thai woman. Siriya Saiwongpanya’s body was discovered in the Schöneberg district of Berlin last week. The Foreign Ministry has released a statement regarding the case.

German Police Treating the Case as Homicide

According to the Foreign Ministry’s report, which is based on details from the Thai embassy in Berlin, German authorities are investigating the death of Siriya Saiwongpanya as a homicide case. At the moment, it’s unclear if any potential suspects have been identified.

Siriya was the owner of the “Thai-Art” restaurant, situated in the Charlottenburg area of Berlin. Her lifeless body was found in Schöneberg on the evening of August 18th.

Unlikely Motive for the Crime

The ministry stated that Siriya’s possessions were discovered at the crime scene, leading local law enforcement to believe that the motive for her murder was not the theft of her valuables.

Thai Officials Assisting Victim’s Family

While awaiting the results of the autopsy, Thai officials based in Berlin have been offering support to the victim’s family. They are also coordinating with the German authorities to help renew Siriya’s daughter’s visa.

The Foreign Ministry extended its condolences to the victim’s family yesterday.

German Media Reports on the Crime Scene

Some German media outlets have reported that the victim was found with her throat slit, and shards of a broken bottle were discovered near the body. A police spokesperson, cited by German media, stated that the wounds suggested homicide, and the victim’s personal belongings, including a blood-stained purse, were found at the scene.

Siriya was reportedly running a successful noodle business in the city.