Investigation of Spaniard in Connection to Body Parts Found on Koh Phangan

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Discovery of Human Body Parts at Landfill

On the popular southern island of Koh Phangan, known for its Full Moon parties, a Spanish man has been taken in for questioning in connection with the discovery of human body parts at a landfill site. Police, forensic officers, and medical staff from Koh Phangan Hospital responded to the scene on Friday after finding more body parts inside a black plastic bag at the dump site in Moo 4, Surat Thani province.

The bag contained two lower limbs, a black T-shirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of red boxers. A day earlier, trash collectors had discovered a sawed-off pelvis and intestines weighing around five kilograms inside a fertilizer sack at the same site. Due to its large size, police believe the pelvis likely belonged to a foreign man.

Spanish Man Questioned by Police

A Spanish man, approximately 40 years old, was taken in for questioning on Friday, suspected of having possible links to the body parts found. The suspect had previously filed a missing person complaint with the Koh Phangan police station, reporting the disappearance of his Colombian friend, according to a source.

As the investigation continues, no conclusions or reflections have been made in this case. The authorities are working diligently to uncover further information and bring clarity to the situation.

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