Kindergarten Sports Competition Organized in Ko Samui District

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A meeting was recently held on July 5, 2023, to discuss the organization of a kindergarten sports competition for the Ko Samui District. The event, set to take place in 2023, aims to instill a love of sports in students and residents while promoting personal development and steering them away from drug addiction.

The Meeting

The meeting took place at the Phet Samui meeting room and was presided over by Mr. Sutham Samthong, the Deputy Mayor of Ko Samui Municipality. Attendees included heads of government agencies, municipal council members, and teachers from various schools within the district.


The primary objective of the gathering was to outline the organization of the sports competition and assess the readiness of different committees involved in the event planning. This collaborative effort aimed to ensure a smooth and successful organization of the competition in the district.

The Sports Competition


The kindergarten sports competition is designed for students, residents, and members of the Ko Samui District Council. It will involve participants from schools across the district, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to compete in various sporting activities.


The event aims to foster a love for sports among students of all levels, contributing to their personal development and the overall development of sports in the region. By participating in the competition, students will learn the value of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.


One of the crucial benefits of the sports competition is its potential to encourage the use of free time for positive activities. By engaging in sports, students and residents can utilize their leisure time more productively, leading to personal growth and a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, involvement in such activities could help steer young people away from drug addiction by offering them constructive outlets for their energy and interests.

Looking Forward

With the combined efforts of the Ko Samui Municipality, government agencies, municipal council members, and local schools, the organization of the kindergarten sports competition is expected to be a successful event that fosters a love for sports and personal development among the district’s students and residents. The 2023 competition will not only contribute to the overall development of sports in the region but also provide a vital platform to promote healthy lifestyles and positive activities among the young population.