Koh Samui Municipality’s Efforts in Waste Management and Public Health

waste management public health

Regular Cleaning of Garbage Trucks and Stations

The Public Health and Environment Department of Koh Samui Municipality is dedicated to preserving the cleanliness and beauty of the island. One of their responsibilities includes regular maintenance and cleaning of garbage trucks, as well as the areas where these vehicles are parked. By doing so, they aim to prevent any problems that may arise from unsorted waste, which can lead to waste water accumulation on roads and waste stations.

Drainage Channel and Landscape Maintenance

In addition to cleaning garbage trucks and their parking areas, the department also takes care of drainage channels. This is crucial in preventing the buildup of waste water and ensuring that the island’s waste management systems function effectively. At the same time, they work on improving the landscape around garbage truck parking stations to maintain the overall visual appeal of the area.

Public Cooperation in Waste Disposal

To ensure the success of these efforts, the Public Health and Environment Department is urging residents and visitors alike to do their part in maintaining cleanliness. They ask that everyone separates wet waste before disposal, as this can help prevent the creation of waste water. It is also important to dispose of waste only at designated points, and to do so within the allocated time window of 18:00 to 22:00.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

To encourage proper waste disposal practices, the department has implemented a penalty system for those who violate the rules. Anyone caught disposing of waste improperly or outside the designated time frame may be fined up to 2,000 baht. The enforcement of these penalties serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to the established waste management guidelines.

Benefits of Proper Waste Management

By working together and following the established waste management guidelines, the residents and visitors of Koh Samui can enjoy a cleaner, more pleasant environment. Proper waste management not only contributes to the island’s overall beauty but also helps to protect its natural resources and ecosystems. Additionally, it prevents potential health hazards and preserves the quality of life for everyone on the island.

In conclusion, the Public Health and Environment Department of Koh Samui Municipality is committed to ensuring a clean and attractive environment for both residents and tourists. Through regular cleaning and maintenance efforts, as well as the cooperation of the public in proper waste disposal practices, they aim to preserve the island’s unique beauty and protect its natural resources for generations to come.