Koh Samui City Council: Key Issues Addressed in the General Meeting

koh samui city council budget

Koh Samui City Municipality recently conducted a general meeting to discuss and deliberate on various important matters concerning the city and its residents. The meeting took place on September 5, 2023, and covered several significant topics related to budget, property transfers, and public services.

Supplementary Budget Expenditure Approval

The first item on the agenda involved the approval of a draft municipal ordinance concerning supplementary budget expenditure for the fiscal year B.E. 2567. The assembly, comprising 22 members including the President, voted in favor of accepting the principles of the draft. With a majority vote of 21:0, the council approved the ordinance, paving the way for additional expenditures in the forthcoming fiscal year.

Property Transfer to Koh Samui City Municipality

Next, the council deliberated on the transfer of property to the Koh Samui City Municipality under the Education Division. The proposal received unanimous support, with all 18 members present, including the President, voting in favor. As a result, the transfer of property was approved, ensuring that the municipality would take ownership of the assets in question.

Budget Expenditure Transfers and Reserve Funds

The council also addressed the matter of transferring budget expenditures for the fiscal year B.E. 2566 to new allocations and reserving funds in case of non-indebtedness. With a majority vote of 18:0, the assembly approved the transfer, allowing the municipality to allocate funds more efficiently and set aside a reserve for unforeseen circumstances.

Annual Performance Report Presentation

The meeting also acknowledged the performance report for the year B.E. 2566, presented in accordance with the policy announced to the Municipal Council. This report provided an overview of the municipality’s activities and progress over the past year.

Other Noteworthy Discussions

In addition to the main agenda items, the council also discussed several other issues of importance to the city and its residents. These included waste disposal, water management on road surfaces, and the promotion of the ThaID application. The app, a public service under the digital government initiative, allows users to verify their identities and access various government services using a single, convenient platform. The council encouraged Koh Samui residents to download and utilize the ThaID app as a way to reduce costs, conserve resources, and minimize the risk of document forgery.

The general meeting of the Koh Samui City Council proved to be a productive and efficient event, serving to address several key matters and facilitate the smooth functioning of the municipality. With a focus on budgetary issues, property transfers, and public services, the council demonstrated its commitment to the well-being and progress of the city and its residents.