community health plan budget allocation

Community Health Plan of the National Health Security Office Fund, Koh Samui Municipality

Exciting news! Koh Samui Municipality has launched a comprehensive Community Health Plan to tackle primary health concerns in the community. With a budget of 13,993,066.10 baht, this plan aims to provide support and preventative measures for the wellbeing of all community members. 💪🏼 Meetings will be held on November 1, 3, and 4 at the Phet Samui meeting room of the Koh Samui Municipality Office to discuss the plan and find solutions for a more effective implementation. For more info, contact NHSO Fund at 077426075, 0887620655. CommunityHealthPlan KohSamuiMunicipality NHSOFund Healthcare WellBeing PublicHealth CommunitySupport Prevention

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national health security fund budget allocation

National Health Security Fund Committee Meeting of Koh Samui Municipality

On August 31, 2023, at 1:00 p.m., the National Health Security Fund Committee of Koh Samui Municipality held its 9th meeting of the year at the Mook Samui Meeting Room, Koh Samui Municipality Office. The meeting, presided over by Ms. Suphinya Sri Thongkul, Deputy Mayor of Koh Samui, saw the participation of various stakeholders, including municipal council members, heads of government departments, municipal employees, Fund Committee members, public health volunteers from villages (PHVs), representatives from Koh Samui Hospital, and community representatives.

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health insurance budget

Health Insurance Fund Committee Meeting at Koh Samui Municipality

On August 17, 2013, the Health Insurance Fund Committee of Koh Samui Municipality held its 8th meeting of the year. Chaired by Miss Supinya Sritongkul, the Deputy Mayor, the meeting took place at the Mook Samui Conference Room in the Koh Samui Municipality Office. In attendance were heads of government departments, municipal staff, and committee members of the Village Health Volunteer Fund (VHV).

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health projects budget allocation

Koh Samui Municipal Health Security Fund: Budget Allocation for Health Projects

The Koh Samui Municipality is dedicated to improving public health and wellbeing in the region. On May 29, 2023, at the Phet Samui Conference Room, a meeting was held to discuss the acceptance and allocation of the budget from the Koh Samui Municipal Health Security Fund. The purpose of the meeting was to allocate funds to 39 village health projects, which focus on four key areas of public health. These projects aim to screen, prevent, and control various diseases and health conditions. A total budget of 2,559,254 baht was approved for the implementation of 153 projects.

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