Koh Samui Municipal Health Security Fund: Budget Allocation for Health Projects

health projects budget allocation

Introductory Overview

The Koh Samui Municipality is dedicated to improving public health and wellbeing in the region. On May 29, 2023, at the Phet Samui Conference Room, a meeting was held to discuss the acceptance and allocation of the budget from the Koh Samui Municipal Health Security Fund. The purpose of the meeting was to allocate funds to 39 village health projects, which focus on four key areas of public health. These projects aim to screen, prevent, and control various diseases and health conditions. A total budget of 2,559,254 baht was approved for the implementation of 153 projects.

Diabetes and Hypertension Screening Project

The first type of project aims to screen for diabetes and hypertension in the local population. Regular screenings can help detect these conditions early, allowing for more effective management and treatment. The project will provide educational resources, promote healthier lifestyles, and facilitate access to the necessary medical services for those at risk or diagnosed with these chronic conditions.

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and Chikungunya Disease Prevention and Control Campaign

Another focus of the budget allocation is the prevention and control of mosquito-borne diseases, such as dengue hemorrhagic fever and chikungunya. Both diseases have the potential to cause severe health complications and even death. The campaign plans to raise public awareness about the diseases, their transmission, and prevention methods. This includes strategies like eliminating mosquito breeding sites, using mosquito repellents, and wearing protective clothing.

Breast Cancer Screening Campaign

The third type of project is the breast cancer screening campaign. Early detection of breast cancer can significantly improve treatment outcomes and survival rates. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of regular mammograms and self-examinations. It will also provide information on potential risk factors, preventive measures, and the availability of screening facilities within the community.

Village Health Volunteer Project to Prevent Iodine Deficiency Disease

Lastly, the Village Health Volunteer Project focuses on preventing iodine deficiency disease. This condition can lead to developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, and goiter. The project aims to educate communities on the importance of consuming iodine-rich foods and using iodized salt. Health volunteers will work closely with the villagers, providing information and support to help them adopt healthier practices that prevent iodine deficiency.

Ensuring a Healthier Future for Koh Samui Communities

With the allocation of the 2,559,254 baht budget, the Koh Samui Municipality demonstrates its commitment to improving public health. The planned projects target a range of health concerns, from chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension to infectious diseases and nutritional deficiencies. By addressing these issues, the municipality aims to create healthier communities and a better quality of life for all its residents.