Chinese Tourism in Thailand Surges with Over 1 Million Visitors

chinese tourism covid-19 pandemic

Regaining Confidence after Covid-19 Pandemic

The Thai Government has reported that more than 1 million Chinese tourists have visited the country since the start of the year. This indicates a growing confidence among Chinese visitors in Thailand’s tourism industry, following the Covid-19 pandemic. Government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri attributes this success to the collective efforts of agencies involved in regaining the trust of international tourists and maintaining Thailand’s status as a popular global tourism destination.

Prime Minister Urges Focus on Traveler Safety

To capitalize on the increasing number of Chinese visitors, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has asked state agencies to prioritize traveler safety and enhance the reputation of the tourism industry. The Prime Minister’s call for action aims to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for tourists while they visit the country.

“Trust Thailand” Campaign Launch

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Royal Thai Police have initiated a campaign called “Trust Thailand, You Taiguo Yue Wan Yue Kaixin”. As part of this campaign, 60 Chinese opinion leaders, press members, airline representatives, and business professionals will be invited to visit Thailand, further promoting the country as a top-tier destination.

Ambitious Goals for Chinese Tourism in 2023

TAT believes that the country has a good chance of achieving its goal of welcoming around five million Chinese tourists by the end of the year. If successful, this could generate approximately 446 billion baht in revenue. To support these ambitious targets, the Tourist Police Bureau plans to promote the 1155 hotline and the I Lert U application, providing assistance to tourists when needed.

Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Reports Flight Increases

According to the Aeronautical Radio of Thailand, there has been a remarkable increase in flights between China and Thailand. Between October and April, 12,805 flights were recorded, a 98% increase compared to the same period the previous year. This number is predicted to grow to 46,175 by the end of September, further indicating the strong resurgence in Chinese tourism to Thailand.