Plastic Smart Cities Project: A Collaborative Effort to Reduce Plastic Waste in Ko Samui

plastic waste community engagement


Ko Samui, a beautiful island in Thailand, has been facing challenges related to plastic waste management. To address this issue, the Ko Samui Municipality, together with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF – Thailand), have launched an initiative called the Plastic Smart Cities project. The primary aim of this joint effort is to reduce plastic waste in the area by 30% by 2024.

Building a Strong Team

To ensure the success of the Plastic Smart Cities project, a working group has been formed, consisting of members from Ko Samui Municipality, heads of government agencies, and project coordinating staff in Thailand. This team is led by Ms. Supinya Sritongkul, Deputy Mayor of Ko Samui Municipality, and Mr. Trond Norheim, an expert in waste management from Norway, representing the World Wildlife Fund (WWF Thailand).

A Shared Vision and Memorandum of Understanding

On March 13, 2023, Ko Samui Municipality and WWF Thailand jointly signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to confirm their commitment to the Plastic Smart Cities project. This MoU serves as a formal agreement between the two parties, ensuring that they will work together to achieve the project’s goals.

Key Policies and Strategies

The working group has established a set of policies and strategies to promote and support affiliated agencies in reducing plastic waste according to the project’s goals. These include:

  • Creating Awareness: The project aims to raise awareness among the local community about the importance of reducing plastic waste and the benefits of the Plastic Smart Cities initiative.
  • Publicizing the Project: Through various channels and means, the project will be promoted among the local population to encourage their participation and support.
  • Information and Data Exchange: The working group will facilitate the sharing of relevant information and statistics among stakeholders, which will help monitor and evaluate the project’s progress towards its goals.

Engaging the Local Community

A crucial aspect of the Plastic Smart Cities project is involving the local community. By recognizing the importance of the project and participating in its implementation, residents will be empowered to take action towards reducing plastic waste. This community engagement is essential in ensuring that the project achieves its target of a 30% reduction in plastic waste by 2024.

The Path Forward

The Plastic Smart Cities project in Ko Samui is a promising step towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for the island. With a strong team, clear goals, and supportive policies in place, the project is well-positioned to make a significant impact on reducing plastic waste. Through ongoing collaboration and community engagement, Ko Samui can continue its journey towards becoming a Plastic Smart City.