Koh Samui Expressway Connection Project: Invitation for Public Participation

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The Expressway Authority of Thailand has announced an open invitation for those interested in participating in the first subcommittee meeting for the Koh Samui Expressway Connection Project. This meeting aims to jointly review and select the most suitable route alignment while considering engineering, economic, financial, and environmental impact aspects.

Engineering, Economic, Financial, and Environmental Assessment

The Expressway Authority of Thailand is conducting a comprehensive study to evaluate the feasibility and potential impacts of the proposed Koh Samui Expressway Connection Project. This study includes assessing the engineering aspects, economic viability, financial requirements, and the project’s impact on the environment. To ensure transparency and public involvement, the Authority encourages interested individuals to participate in the subcommittee meetings.

Join the First Subcommittee Meeting

To take part in the first subcommittee meeting, participants can choose the meeting’s date, time, and location that best fits their schedule. The main purpose of this initial meeting is to review and select the route alignment for the proposed expressway project.

To register for the first subcommittee meeting, please follow the details provided in the attached link:

Registration Form for the First Subcommittee Meeting

This is a valuable opportunity for the public to contribute to the decision-making process of the Koh Samui Expressway Connection Project. By participating in the subcommittee meetings, individuals can help shape the future of transportation in Koh Samui and ensure it benefits the local community and environment.