Koh Samui Municipality Holds Ordinary Council Session

wastewater treatment public health infrastructure

Opening Session

On September 19, 2023, the Koh Samui Municipal Council held its Ordinary Session No. 3 at the Phet Samui Meeting Room in the Koh Samui Municipality Office. Mr. Thanakom Reunpan, President of the Municipal Council, presided over the session. A range of important topics were discussed, and the council reached several unanimous resolutions.

Wastewater Treatment Project

The council approved a debt commitment for a multi-year budget expenditure project aimed at improving, repairing, and implementing wastewater treatment systems in Na Thon, La Mai, Chaweng, and around Chaweng Temple. This project is expected to greatly enhance the wastewater management in these community areas.

Accumulated Funds Payment

The council also unanimously approved the payment of accumulated funds for the Public Health Engineering Division. This decision aims to ensure that resources are well-allocated to maintain and improve public health infrastructure.

Loan of Funds for Annual Budget

For the annual budget expenditure for the year 2023, the council approved the loan of funds in cases where debt commitments have not yet been made. This applies to the Finance Division and will help facilitate a smooth budget execution process.

Other Agenda Items

The council discussed a variety of other issues, such as addressing water shortages in canals, electrical lighting issues in certain areas, and ensuring public safety. They also promoted the Traffy Fondue platform, a convenient tool for citizens to report and manage city issues anytime and anywhere. This platform covers a wide range of problems, including cleanliness, electricity, water supply, sidewalks, flooding, and more.


The Koh Samui Municipal Council Ordinary Session No. 3 was a success, with the council reaching unanimous decisions on several important issues. The meeting ran smoothly, and attendees were able to participate in constructive discussions on various topics. The recorded live broadcast of the council meeting can be found at: https://fb.watch/n8Y764zqId/?mibextid=cr9u03