Koh Samui Health Fund Subcommittee Convenes for 6th Review

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Exciting updates from the Koh Samui Health Fund Subcommittee’s 6th review, as they discuss 20 projects to improve public health with a budget of 4,078,178.10 THB. Led by Mrs. Nadnoi Srisaeng, the Subcommittee is committed to promoting community wellness and a vibrant future. #KohSamuiHealthFund #PublicHealth #CommunityWellness 🌿🏥

Meeting Overview

In a concerted effort to oversee the betterment of community health, the Subcommittee of the Koh Samui Municipality Health Insurance Fund assembled for its 6th session to evaluate various plans and initiatives. This pivotal assembly took place on June 13, 2024, within the confines of the Koh Samui District Passenger Transport Station’s second-floor meeting room. The gathering commenced promptly at 09:30 AM, under the competent leadership of Mrs. Nadnoi Srisaeng, the esteemed Director of Public Health and Environment.

Attendees and Purpose

The session witnessed robust participation from the Fund Committee members, municipal employees, and a host of officials dedicated to the realms of public health and the environment. The collective aim was to meticulously sift through a suite of projects, ensuring each aligned with the overarching objectives of the Health Insurance Fund.

Financial Discussions

A core component of the meeting involved the dissection of the Fund’s financial health. Officials announced that remaining funds, as per the updated first financial plan of 2024, stood at a substantial 4,078,178.10 THB. This figure set the stage for discussions on the fund allocation across various proposed ventures.

Project Proposals Under Scrutiny

The meeting placed under its lens an array of 20 projects falling under Category 2, which encapsulates initiatives geared towards bolstering organizations or various community collectives. Noteworthy among them were projects like the “Happy Elderly, Valuable Seniors, Quality Aging” initiative, which has resonated positively within the Elderly Clubs of Mareet and Na Mueang Sub-Districts.

Education and youth were also central themes, with projects like the “Drug-Free White School Initiative” by Teeparat Witthaya and Ban Bo Phut Schools, aimed at fostering resilience among students against drug influence.

Additionally, the agenda featured initiatives spanning health education, environmental consciousness, and the arts, all crafted to enhance community well-being. These included innovative programs like the “Health and Life Skills Camp,” “Modern Teenagers Aware of Accident Hazards,” and “Health Exercise through Cover Dance.”

Deliberations and Decisions

The Subcommittee’s review was both thorough and strategic. Each project was evaluated for its potential impact, adherence to operational criteria, and feasibility within the set budget. The total funding requisition for the discussed projects amounted to a sensible 734,442 THB.

Projects that met the stringent requirements were given the green light in principle, whereas others were earmarked for further refinement. Adjustments to target demographics, timelines, and budgetary compliance were suggested to ensure each initiative could fulfill its intended purpose.

Moving Forward

The outcomes of this session are to lay the foundation for the subsequent Fund Committee meeting. Here, the refined proposals will be presented, steering the community towards health-centric progress and sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Koh Samui Health Fund Subcommittee FAQ

What is the purpose of the Koh Samui Health Fund Subcommittee’s meetings?

The Koh Samui Health Fund Subcommittee convenes to ensure the strategic allocation of funds for public health projects. Their focus is on appraising initiatives that aim to bolster community wellness and environmental consciousness, thereby steering the community towards a vibrant and health-conscious future.

How many projects were reviewed during the 6th session, and what themes were they centered on?

During the 6th review session, the Subcommittee examined 20 project proposals. These initiatives covered a broad range of themes including elderly well-being, youth and education, health education, environmental awareness, and the arts. Notable examples are the “Happy Elderly, Valuable Seniors, Quality Aging” and the “Drug-Free White School Initiative.”

What is the total budget available, and how are projects selected for funding?

The Koh Samui Health Fund has a remaining budget of 4,078,178.10 THB for the first financial plan of 2024. Projects are selected based on their potential impact, compatibility with operational criteria, and feasibility within the budget constraints. After thorough discussion, projects that meet these requirements receive approval in principle or are sent back for further refinement. The total funding requested for the projects discussed was 734,442 THB.