Mobile Health Screening Project: Agricultural Health Checkups for Koh Samui Farmers

mobile health screening project agricultural health


A new initiative, the Mobile Health Screening Project, has been launched in Koh Samui to provide agricultural health checkups for farmers. This project aims to ensure that the farmers in the area maintain good health, thus contributing to a robust agricultural sector and overall community well-being.

Farmers can get their health examination results at the same place they got the examination between August 21-25, 2023.

Health Promotion Section’s Role

The Health Promotion Section is in charge of managing and implementing the Mobile Health Screening Project. They are responsible for organizing the health checkups, and providing necessary information to the farmers. If you have any questions about the project or would like more information, you can contact the Health Promotion Section at the following phone numbers:

  • 077-426045
  • 088-7620655
  • 087-3986469

Benefits of the Mobile Health Screening Project

The Mobile Health Screening Project offers numerous advantages for farmers and the local community. These include:


Farmers can access health checkups conveniently at the same location they received their examination, eliminating the need to travel to distant facilities for test results.

Improved Health Awareness

Regular health screenings help raise awareness among farmers about potential health risks and encourage them to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Early Detection of Health Issues

Health checkups allow for the early detection of medical conditions, which can lead to better outcomes through timely treatment and preventive measures.

Boosting Agricultural Productivity

Healthy farmers are essential for maintaining a thriving agricultural sector. By ensuring the well-being of farmers, the Mobile Health Screening Project contributes to increased productivity and a stronger local economy.

The Importance of Supporting Farmers’ Health

Farmers play a crucial role in food production and the overall economic stability of a region. Ensuring their health and well-being is essential not only for their personal benefit but also for the community and the nation as a whole. Through initiatives like the Mobile Health Screening Project, Koh Samui City Municipality and the Department of Public Health and Environment demonstrate their commitment to supporting farmers and promoting a healthy, prosperous future for the region.