Streamlining Filming Permits in Bangkok

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Fast-Tracking Foreign Film Production Applications

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt has instructed all district offices in the city and the City Law Enforcement Department to expedite the processing of foreign film shoot applications. He has specified that applications for shoots in public spaces should be processed within three days, while those for public parks should be processed in seven days.

The decision comes as a response to complaints raised by foreign filmmakers about the difficulties they face when filming in Bangkok due to cumbersome official procedures.

Addressing Concerns of Foreign Filmmakers

Tourism Department Director-General Chaturon Phakdiwanich shared the concerns of foreign filmmakers with City Hall, stating that the application process is lengthy and lacks a clear structure. Filmmakers have found it challenging to navigate through the bureaucratic system in place for obtaining filming permits.

Governor Chadchart acknowledged that the current application procedures create opportunities for bribery, which tarnishes the country’s reputation. He is committed to addressing these issues and streamlining the process for foreign film crews.

Ensuring Compliance with Permit Regulations

Chaturon has also reported instances where foreign film crews were fined by City Law Enforcement Department officials in the Ratchathewi and Pathumwan districts, despite having obtained a production permit in Bangkok. The fines were imposed on the grounds that the crews had obstructed pavements and traffic during their shoots.

To prevent such misunderstandings in the future, the Governor has reiterated the need for a more efficient and transparent application process.

Faster Processing for Filming Applications in Parks

In addition to the new processing timelines for public spaces, applications for filming in the 51 parks under the BMA’s Environment Department and Sanam Luang will also be processed within seven days.

However, filmmakers will be subject to fees for their productions. Commercial TV shows will be charged 6,000 baht per day, while commercial photoshoots will incur a 3,000 baht daily fee, according to Governor Chadchart.

This move aims to foster a more conducive environment for foreign film productions in Bangkok, ultimately benefiting the city’s tourism and global image by streamlining the permit process and addressing filmmakers’ concerns.