Monkeypox Surge in Bangkok: BMA Responds with Treatment and Prevention Measures

monkeypox bangkok metropolitan administration

Rising Cases of Monkeypox

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has reported a sharp increase in monkeypox (mpox) cases, with 80 instances found in the city last month. The majority of these cases were located in tourist areas and even included some patients below 18 years of age. This marked rise in cases has prompted the BMA to take action to address the situation.

Raising Awareness and Connecting with Educational Institutions

Deputy Bangkok Governor Tavida Kamolvej mentioned that the BMA is working to connect with educational institutions to raise awareness about the disease. This effort is in addition to offering treatment and prevention consultations at various clinics.

Partnering with Gender-Inclusive Clinics

In order to disseminate more information about the virus, the BMA is collaborating with Swing Thailand and BBK Pride Clinic, both of which are gender-inclusive clinics. These clinics operate in public health centers across Bangkok and offer sex education as well as advice about sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Services Offered at Clinics

Public and private hospitals in Bangkok provide consultation services and health examinations for LGBTQ individuals. Services are not limited to STI testing and include general health check-ups to screen for health risks, especially for people aged 18-60. Additionally, these clinics provide gender-affirming hormone therapy, gender-affirming surgery, and mental health treatment.

Monkeypox Cases in Thailand

As of August 31, the Department of Disease Control (DDC) reported 316 monkeypox cases in Thailand, with one death. Out of these cases, 271 identified as homosexual, while 143 individuals (about 45% of those infected) were also HIV positive. The majority of cases involved individuals between the ages of 30 and 39, followed by those aged 20-29. However, the number of patients aged between 15 and 24 has grown significantly.

BMA’s Efforts to Combat Monkeypox

To address the monkeypox situation, the BMA is offering treatment and prevention consultations at 16 public health centers across the city. Treatment is also available at five hospitals under the BMA, including BMA General Hospital, Taksin Hospital’s Love Care Clinic, Charoen Krung Pracharak Hospital, Ratchaphiphat Hospital, and Sirindhorn Hospital.