Ongoing Search for Missing Body Parts of Murdered Surgeon

murder dismemberment

A Gruesome Crime on Koh Phangan

The search continues for the remaining body parts of a Colombian plastic surgeon who was brutally murdered and dismembered by his former boyfriend on the island of Koh Phangan last week. The suspect, Daniel Sancho Bronchalo, 29, confessed to dismembering the body of 44-year-old Edwin Arrieta Arteaga into 14 parts before disposing of them around the island.

Suspect’s Confession Leads to Discovery

Bronchalo initially intended to dump all the body parts in the sea. However, he couldn’t fit them all into his duffel bag. Consequently, he left the parts that wouldn’t fit at a landfill on the island, where they were discovered by local rubbish collectors. Following the suspect’s confession, police and rescue workers searched the island’s shoreline on Sunday, finding six body parts believed to belong to the deceased. The hunt for the remaining parts continued on Monday.

Further Interrogation and Background

Police charged Bronchalo with premeditated murder, as well as concealing and/or removing body parts to cover up death or cause of death. He underwent further questioning by the police on Monday. According to the authorities, Bronchalo and Arteaga first met on Instagram, and their relationship lasted over a year. Bronchalo claimed he had been attempting to break up with Arteaga, who then threatened to release compromising photos.

Tragic Event Turns Violent

During a visit to the island, Bronchalo planned to end the relationship. However, Arteaga allegedly demanded sex, angering Bronchalo, who then struck Arteaga in the head. Initially denying any involvement in Arteaga’s disappearance, Bronchalo later confessed to the murder after intense police interrogation. Bronchalo is reportedly a well-known chef in Spain and the son of Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho Aguirre and actress Silvia Bronchalo. The suspect’s family is expected to arrive on Koh Samui soon. Meanwhile, Arteaga ran a successful plastic surgery clinic in Monteria, Colombia.