Racing Car Mechanic’s Arrest Leads to Discovery of Massive Meth Stash

methamphetamine drug trafficking

Mechanic’s Arrest at Petrol Station

A racing car mechanic, Jirasak “Kan” Boonchai, 42, was recently arrested at a petrol station in Muang district, Sing Buri province, with 1.18 million methamphetamine pills in his possession. The Bangkok Metropolitan Police conducted the arrest, and Jirasak’s assets, worth about 10 million baht, were impounded for further examination.

Background and Investigation

Jirasak operated a garage in Mae Dai district, Chiang Mai province, where he specialized in modifying cars for racing. The arrest came as a result of a two-month-long investigation carried out by the Metropolitan Police Bureau’s investigation division. This investigation was prompted by several major drug seizures in Bangkok.

Surveillance and Arrest

On August 11, the police followed an Isuzu pickup truck that had left Chiang Mai. The vehicle was intercepted and searched at a PTT petrol station in Muang district of Sing Buri. Inside the truck, two boxes that were supposed to contain power generators were discovered. However, the generators had been removed and replaced with packages containing 1.18 million meth pills. Jirasak, who was driving the vehicle, was immediately arrested.

Search and Seizure at Suspect’s Residence

Following the arrest, the police conducted a search of Jirasak’s house in Mae Ai district, Chiang Mai. They impounded a total of 11 cars and four motorcycles for further examination, suspecting that these vehicles were acquired using proceeds from the drug trade.

Ongoing Investigations

As the case unfolds, the police continue to investigate Jirasak’s involvement in the drug trade and his connections to other possible drug syndicates. The arrest and subsequent seizures have shed light on the potential link between the racing car mechanic business and the illegal drug trade in the region.