Royal Patronage for Underprivileged Schools in Thailand

thailand royal patronage

Nine schools adopted by Rajaprajanugroh Foundation

Nine underprivileged schools in Thailand have been placed under royal patronage by His Majesty the King, according to Education Minister Trinuch Thienthong. These schools, previously named “Sueksa Songkhro” Schools, will be renamed “Rajaprajanugroh” Schools after being adopted by the Rajaprajanugroh Foundation Under Royal Patronage.

The schools had been registered with the Office of the Basic Education Commission (Obec) under the Education Ministry, but they will now be managed by the Rajaprajanugroh Foundation Under Royal Patronage.

The schools in focus

The nine schools under the new patronage are:

  • Sueksa Songkhro Bang Kruai School in Nonthaburi
  • Sueksa Songkhro Mae Hong Son School in Mae Hong Son
  • Sueksa Songkhro Chiang Mai School in Chiang Mai
  • Sueksa Songkhro Chiang Dao School in Chiang Mai
  • Sueksa Songkhro Mae Chan School in Chiang Rai
  • Sueksa Songkhro Thawat Buri School in Roi Et
  • Sueksa Songkhro Surat Thani School in Surat Thani
  • Sueksa Songkhro Phatthalung School in Phatthalung
  • Sueksa Songkhro Narathiwat School in Narathiwat

These nine schools now join the 57 existing Rajaprajanugroh Schools under the King’s royal patronage, totaling 66 schools in all.

Benefits of the royal patronage

The adoption of these schools by the Rajaprajanugroh Foundation Under Royal Patronage is expected to bring numerous benefits to the students. Education Minister Trinuch Thienthong stated that this change would allow students access to scholarships and increased educational opportunities.

These schools were specifically chosen due to the large number of underprivileged children in need of immediate assistance. The students will soon receive lessons in life skills, such as culinary practice, farming, sports, and music, to help them build brighter futures.

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