Safe Riding Project: A Focus on Helmets

safe riding project motorcycle safety

Kickstarting the Initiative

On August 30, 2023, Thipparatpittaya School held a ceremony to officially launch the Safe Riding Project, an initiative aimed at promoting motorcycle safety among students. The event was attended by several stakeholders, including Mr. Theewarat Chaiyasis, the school’s Deputy Director, members of the Municipality Council, volunteer health workers, teachers, students, Koh Samui Police Station officers, hospital staff, municipal employees, and the Department of Public Health and Environment.

Project Objectives

The primary goal of the Safe Riding Project is to equip students with the knowledge and understanding required for the proper and safe use of motorcycles. By doing so, the project aims to decrease air pollution resulting from motorcycle exhaust emissions and reduce the frequency of accidents involving students on the road.

Role of Koh Samui Municipal Health Insurance Fund

The Koh Samui Municipal Health Insurance Fund has played an essential part in the project by providing support for the implementation of a training program for students. This program is designed to help students gain knowledge, understanding, and awareness of the importance of road safety and proper vehicle usage.

Creating Awareness and Fostering Social Responsibility

One of the main objectives of the Safe Riding Project is to instill a sense of awareness, understanding, and safety in students when it comes to the use of vehicles and roads. The project also seeks to change attitudes, values, and foster a sense of social responsibility among participants. This shift in mindset is expected to lay the foundation for a sustainable road safety culture in Thai society for future generations.

Safety Training and Skill Development

A key component of the project involves providing students with hands-on training and skill development sessions. These sessions will cover a range of topics, such as proper helmet usage, basic motorcycle maintenance, and safe riding techniques. By equipping students with practical skills, the Safe Riding Project aims to reduce the likelihood of accidents and promote a culture of responsible riding.

Addressing Environmental Concerns

In addition to promoting road safety, the Safe Riding Project also emphasizes the importance of reducing air pollution caused by motorcycle exhaust emissions. By encouraging responsible riding habits and proper vehicle maintenance, the project hopes to contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment for the community.

With the support of various stakeholders and the local community, the Safe Riding Project aspires to make a lasting impact on the safety and well-being of young riders in Thai society. Time will tell how effective the initiative will be in achieving its objectives and fostering a culture of road safety and environmental responsibility.