Woman Arrested at Border: Tragic Connection to Scam Gang

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Arrest at Sa Kaeo Border Checkpoint

A young woman named Suchada Chabutsri, 19, was arrested in the arrivals area of the Sa Kaeo border checkpoint as she returned to Thailand from Cambodia through Poipet township. The arrest was made on Tuesday night by the immigration and local police. Suchada was wanted on an arrest warrant issued by the Samut Prakan Provincial Court on August 28 for collusion in fraud, inputting false information into a computer system causing damage to people, and opening a bank account for fraudulent purposes.

Connection to Family Tragedy in Samut Prakan

The arrested woman was among six suspects wanted for owning “mule” accounts for a scam gang. This gang defrauded a family in Samut Prakan, eventually leading to a tragic event. The husband, burdened by debt, killed his wife and their two sons before attempting suicide by slashing his throat and wrist. The deaths were linked to the scam gang, drawing media and public attention.

Investigation and Hunt for Remaining Suspects

Bang Kaeo police obtained arrest warrants for six people who owned mule accounts used by the scam gang. Of these, Suchada Chabutsri was a resident of Sa Kaeo’s Ta Phraya district. Immigration investigators discovered that she worked for the scam gang in Poipet, Cambodia. The police kept a close watch on her and arrested her upon her return to Thailand.

The authorities are currently hunting down the remaining suspects.

Background of the Family Tragedy

The tragic event unfolded at a three-story townhouse in tambon Bang Kaeo of Bang Phli district. The mother, Wipaporn Racha, 44, and her two sons aged 9 and 13, were found dead with deep neck and body wounds. The father, Sanit Dokmai, 41, who admitted to the killings in a phone call, survived his suicide attempt and was taken to the hospital.

According to the police, the chain of events began when Mr. Sanit acted as a guarantor for his employer in refinancing a car. The employer filed for bankruptcy without repaying the loan, leaving Mr. Sanit with the debt. His wife sought a personal loan on social media to help with the debt, falling victim to the scam gang. She intended to borrow 100,000 baht but was tricked into borrowing a total of 1.7 million baht, which she transferred to the fraudsters.