Smooth Transitions at St. Andrews Sathorn

transition parent-teacher connections

Ensuring Children Feel Safe and Secure

At St. Andrews Sathorn, the focus is on providing smooth transitions for children as they change year groups. This is important to ensure that children feel safe and secure during these changes. New year groups bring exciting opportunities for growth and development, but they can also be a time of uncertainty. St. Andrews Sathorn is committed to dedicating time and effort in preparing children for these changes.

Parent-Teacher Connections

One of the key aspects of a successful transition is the relationship between parents and teachers. Regular interactions between parents and teachers are crucial for a smooth transition to new year groups. St. Andrews Sathorn aims to provide multiple opportunities for parents to meet their child’s new class teacher and to familiarize themselves with the new classroom.

School INSET Day

At the beginning of each school year, during the school INSET day, parents are invited to meet their child’s new class teacher. This interaction helps address any concerns or questions parents may have. Additionally, class teachers hold curriculum meetings in the first few weeks of the term to inform parents about the upcoming learning and teaching strategies.

Early Years to Reception Transition

An essential transition at St. Andrews Sathorn is from Kindergarten (KG) to Reception. Despite the proximity of KG and Reception classrooms, having a new class teacher and classroom can be overwhelming for a 4-year-old. To address this, children are prepared through various activities that include interviewing older children about their new year group, visiting their new classrooms, and participating in storytime.

Transition Morning in Term 3

St. Andrews Sathorn organizes a whole school “Transition morning” in Term 3. During this time, children meet their new class teacher and get acquainted with their new classroom. Activities such as whole-class art projects help promote a sense of community and belonging, providing children with the confidence for a smooth transition.

Preparing for Secondary School

As children approach the end of their primary school years, St. Andrews Sathorn prepares them for the transition to secondary school. Most children continue their education at sister campus St. Andrews Sukhumvit 107. To familiarize them with the new environment, children visit the campus and participate in special activities from Year 4 to Year 6.

Parent Support and Year 6 Curriculum

Parents are also supported during this transition with coffee mornings and workshops where they can connect with each other and ask questions about the upcoming changes. The Year 6 curriculum is personalized to help children cope with the transition to secondary school. It is divided into two parts: the first focuses on reflecting on their feelings, and the second provides strategies and practical lessons to prepare them for their new school.

By continuously building children’s self-esteem and resilience throughout their time at St. Andrews Sathorn, the school ensures that they are well-prepared for positive transitions in their education journey.

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