The Brutal Murder and Mutilation of a Woman in Samut Prakan

murder arrest

Arrest of a 23-year-old man

Samut Prakan police arrested a 23-year-old man, Khajondet Jampathong, on suspicion of brutally killing and mutilating a 59-year-old woman, Jitra Chantharunai. The arrest occurred on Sunday in front of the Charoenchai Condo 2 building on Soi Sri Boonruang 2 Road in Tambon Thepharak. The victim was Jampathong’s neighbor and worked as a municipal street cleaner.

Gruesome Details of the Attack

According to witness accounts and a surveillance camera recording, the incident took place around 11:30 am on Sunday. Jitra had been at a drinking party with other neighbors at a local grocery store earlier that day before walking to Jampathong’s room. The two reportedly had a conversation that escalated into an argument. Eventually, Jitra fell to the ground, and Jampathong allegedly attacked her with two hammers, hitting her head repeatedly. He then dragged her to an empty parking space, removed her trousers, and used a knife to cut out her genitals, leaving them beside her body.

Investigation and Evidence

When police arrived at the scene, they found a 25-centimeter-long kitchen knife, a claw hammer with a broken handle, and a sledgehammer. Village headman Chamlong Phumphan revealed that Jampathong had completed his air force service as a private about a month ago and had been staying with his father in the same building since then. He was known to talk to himself often. Chamlong also mentioned that Jitra was intoxicated during the argument with Jampathong.

Victim’s Family in Shock

Jitra’s son, Damrongsak Sakaew, expressed his shock and disbelief over the incident, stating that his mother had never had any dispute with Jampathong before. The case continues to unfold as authorities investigate further into the motive and circumstances surrounding the brutal murder.