Spanish Man Denies Involvement in Koh Phangan Murder

murder suspect

Gruesome Discovery at Landfill

On the island of Koh Phangan, known for its Full Moon parties, a chilling discovery was made. Human body parts, including a sawed-off pelvis and intestines, were found inside a fertilizer sack at a garbage dump. More remains were later discovered in a black plastic bag, containing two legs and clothing items.

Suspect Detained for Questioning

Daniel Sancho Bronchalo, a 29-year-old Spanish man, was taken into custody for questioning about the disappearance of his Colombian friend, Edwin Arrieta Arteaga, 44. Sancho had reported his friend missing at the Koh Phangan police station after the news of the body parts emerged.

The two men knew each other from previous encounters and had planned to meet up on Koh Phangan. Arrieta booked a room at a hotel on the island for the duration of their stay. Sancho checked into the hotel before Arrieta arrived and picked him up at the pier later. The two dined at a restaurant and visited Rin beach.

Mysterious Disappearance of Colombian National

Arrieta disappeared after midnight on Wednesday, and Sancho claimed he did not know where his friend went. The investigation revealed that Sancho was staying in the same hotel room that Arrieta had booked. He also booked a room at another hotel near Salad beach for Tuesday and Wednesday.

After Wednesday night, Arrieta was not seen again, and the police found that Sancho had purchased a knife, rubber gloves, cleaning supplies, and garbage bags from a convenience store. Bloodstains, tissue, fat, and hair were discovered in the hotel room, and samples were taken for forensic testing.

Ongoing Investigation

While the body parts discovered on Koh Phangan are believed to be from Edwin Arrieta, the investigation is still ongoing. Despite the evidence found, Sancho denies any involvement in the gruesome killing and disappearance of his friend.