The Mastermind Behind 100 Hacked Government Sites Apprehended in Chiang Rai

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🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨 The mastermind behind the hacking of 100 government websites has been caught in Chiang Rai! Known as Warakorn, this notorious hacker was nabbed at the border while trying to escape to Myanmar. 😱 Authorities are urging government agencies to be vigilant and check their websites regularly to avoid falling victim to hackers. Stay tuned for more updates on this gripping case! 🕵️‍♂️💻 #HackerAlert #CyberCrime #StaySafe

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A notorious hacker, known for infiltrating numerous government websites, was recently apprehended in the border district of Mae Sai in Chiang Rai. The suspect, identified only as Warakorn, was nabbed at the brink of crossing over to Myanmar. The announcement came from Pol Col Niphaphon Sukniyom, the superintendent of Metropolitan Police Division 8 in Bangkok.

The Unprecedented Hacking Scheme

In a cunning plot, Warakorn gained unauthorized access to numerous government websites. Instead of causing noticeable disruptions, he converted these hacked platforms into the main domains for his illicit websites. This strategy allowed his illegal sites to bypass the usual Google search censorship faced by such platforms.

Government agency websites often appear on the first page of search results due to their relevance and importance. Warakorn leveraged this prominence to advertise his illegal websites, undetected. This not only posed significant threats to the reputation of the government agencies involved but also misled the public.

The Scope of the Crime

The investigations brought more disturbing facts to light. It was unveiled that Warakorn also set up bank accounts to receive payments from criminal gangs that hired his hacking services. His activities didn’t just end with the promotion of his own illegal websites, it extended to aiding and abetting other criminal endeavors.

Advice from Authorities

In light of these alarming events, Police have urged government agencies to maintain regular checks on their websites. The focus should be on agencies with websites that have been dormant for a while. These sites are easy targets for suspicious and unauthorized access.

If an illegal advertisement is noticed on a website, it might indicate a potential hack. Agencies should move quickly to rectify the issue or report it to the relevant authorities. Meanwhile, Warakorn remains in custody for further questioning and investigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is Warakorn and what is his notoriety related to?

Warakorn is a notorious hacker who recently made headlines for infiltrating numerous government websites. His strategy involved converting these hacked platforms into main domains for his illicit websites, bypassing Google search censorship and leveraging the prominence of these government websites to advertise his illegal operations.

Q2: What was the extent of Warakorn’s criminal activities?

Apart from promoting his own illegal websites, Warakorn’s criminal activities also involved setting up bank accounts to receive payments from criminal gangs who hired his hacking services. This extended his involvement into aiding and abetting other criminal endeavors.

Q3: What advice have authorities provided in light of these alarming events?

Authorities have urged government agencies to maintain regular checks on their websites, particularly those which have been dormant for a while as they are easy targets for unauthorized access. Upon noticing any illegal advertisement, agencies should immediately rectify the issue or report it to the relevant authorities to indicate a potential hack.