Tragic Drowning Incident at Phuket’s Patong Beach

phuket patong beach

Russian Tourist Loses Life in the Sea

On a fateful Saturday morning, a Russian man tragically drowned while swimming in the sea off Patong Beach in Phuket. Pol Maj Chaiyakorn Tangsakul, an investigator at Patong police station, reported the incident at 7:55 am.

Rapid Response from Rescue Teams and Medical Personnel

Upon receiving the report, officers swiftly arrived at the scene where they found rescue workers, lifeguards, and personnel from Patong Hospital already present. Despite their best efforts to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the victim, the tourist couldn’t be revived.

Details About the Victim and the Incident

The victim’s wife recounted to the police that she and her husband, Rafaylovich Pavel, 53, were Russian nationals. They were staying at a hotel near the beach and had decided to go for a swim on that ill-fated Saturday morning.

Struggling in Strong Waves

While swimming, Pavel ventured approximately 7 kilometers away from the shore amid strong waves. As he began to drown, his wife called out for help. The lifeguards at the beach sprang into action, rushing into the sea to bring him back to shore.

Rescue Attempts Prove Unsuccessful

Although the rescue workers and medical personnel quickly responded and performed CPR, the man ultimately succumbed to the drowning.

Russian Authorities Notified

Following the tragic incident, the police have notified the Russian consular office and the Russian embassy on this southern resort island.