Tragic Incident at Phuket Airport: Swiss Man Falls to His Death

phuket airport suicide

Second Similar Occurrence within a Month

In a distressing incident, a 53-year-old Swiss man fell to his death from a parking building at Phuket International Airport on Friday night. The authorities suspect it to be a case of deliberate suicide, as it is the second such event in the past month.

Police Investigation and Response

Upon receiving information about the foreign man’s injuries after jumping from the parking building around 7:30 pm on Friday, police officers quickly arrived at the scene. The Sakhu police station chief, Pol Col Salan Santisatsanakul, reported that they discovered bloodstains on the ground floor of the building. Thalang Hospital later pronounced the injured tourist dead upon arrival.

Witness Statement and Previous Incident

A security guard at the airport mentioned that he had observed the man seemingly examining the area throughout the day. In a similar occurrence last month, a 50-year-old Australian man fell to his death from the same car park building at Phuket airport.

Tourist Assistance Centre’s Involvement

Tourism and Sports Minister Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol informed that the Tourist Assistance Centre (TAC) at Phuket airport is collaborating with the Swiss consular office in Phuket to contact the deceased’s relatives. She also stated that the ministry plans to convene a meeting with relevant agencies to discuss strengthening safety measures in light of this tragic event.

Support for Tourists in Distress

Ms. Sudawan urged any tourists facing problems or requiring help to reach out to the TAC and tourist police at Phuket airport or other airports across the country. Additionally, they can contact the tourist police call center at 1155 for assistance.