The Case of Songsak Songsaeng: A Disturbing Tale of Murder and Family Tragedy

murder family tragedy


In a shocking and gruesome series of events, Songsak Songsaeng, a 46-year-old man, is accused of murdering five children born to two of his wives. Currently detained without bail, Songsak faces one murder charge, with four more expected pending the results of DNA testing.

The Arrest and Charges

Songsak Songsaeng and his current wife, Sunan Nahuanin, 40, were arrested in Pathum Thani on September 20th. Following their arrest, they were taken to Kamphaeng Phet, where they pointed out the burial site of their two-year-old daughter. The child’s body was discovered covered in concrete at her mother’s house. Following this, the couple was brought back to Bang Khen police station in Bangkok on September 22nd.

Songsak and Sunan stand accused of colluding to kill their two-year-old daughter. The charges against them include transferring and concealing the body to cover up the cause of death, violating Sections 83, 199 and 290 of the Criminal Code. Songsak confessed to the charges, while Sunan admitted to transferring and concealing the body, but denied participating in the killing.

Additional Allegations

During the investigation, another case was filed by a former wife, Jessada Meepian. She accused Songsak of beating and torturing her during their time together. The couple had five children. During questioning, Songsak admitted to killing four of the five children born to Jessada – all of them boys.

These tragic events unfolded between 2013 and 2018, with the bodies of the first two sons being dumped in the Bang Sue area in 2013 and 2014. The other two bodies were disposed of in 2016 and 2018 in Sai Mai.

Uncovering the Truth

As the investigation unfolds, bones believed to belong to the four boys have been collected from Bang Sue and Sai Mai. DNA tests are currently being conducted on these remains.

Pending the results of these tests, Songsak may face four additional murder charges. The case has drawn widespread attention and shock, as the chilling details of the alleged crimes continue to emerge.

Ongoing Investigation

As authorities work to uncover the full extent of Songsak Songsaeng’s alleged actions, the public remains in shock and disbelief. The case serves as a stark reminder that unimaginable horrors can unfold within seemingly ordinary families. The police are committed to ensuring that justice is served and that the truth is revealed in this deeply disturbing case.