Samut Ram Temple Academic Project: A Platform for Student Success

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Opening Ceremony

On September 22, 2013, at 09:00 am, the Municipal School 3 Samut Ram Temple in Lipa Noi subdistrict, Koh Samui district, hosted the opening ceremony of the Samut Ram Temple Academic Project for the academic year 2013. Mr. Pakorn Kanchanophat, the deputy mayor of Koh Samui, presided over the event, which brought together municipal council members, heads of government departments, school directors, teachers, educational personnel, students, and municipal staff.

Objectives and Goals

The primary aim of the academic project is to showcase the work of students and teachers to the community while providing opportunities for students to demonstrate their academic knowledge and skills in each learning group. The project seeks to strengthen relationships between parents, the community, and education development, as well as facilitate the exchange of learning experiences among school personnel, schools, parents, and the wider community. Ultimately, the goal is for all students to gain direct, hands-on experience from participating in these activities.


The event catered to students ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade, with a total of 219 participants. In addition, teachers, school personnel, parents, and all students collaborated to ensure the success of the project.

Activities and Learning Opportunities

The Samut Ram Temple Academic Project included a variety of engaging and educational activities, such as:

  • English Song Singing Contests: This activity encouraged students to showcase their language skills and fluency in a fun, competitive environment.
  • Water Bottle Rocket Shooting Competitions: An exciting, hands-on way for students to learn about physics and engineering concepts.
  • Presentations of Student Work: Students had the opportunity to present their work in various learning groups, allowing them to practice their communication skills and gain valuable feedback for future growth.

These activities provided students with the chance to practice their skills, enhance their learning experiences, and foster their development into well-rounded, confident individuals.

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