Tragic Incident in Phuket: Korean Woman and Two Cats Found Dead

phuket korean woman

Background of the Incident

A distressing incident occurred in Phuket, where a South Korean woman, Mi Jung Park, aged 43, was discovered lifeless in her house, along with her two cats. The tragic discovery was made in Villa Soi 1, tambon Chalong, in Muang district on a Sunday.

The Probable Cause

Upon investigation, authorities found a cooking pot filled with charcoal connected to an electric plug near the deceased woman and the cats. This evidence suggests that they might have succumbed to charcoal smoke inhalation, leading to their untimely demise.

Police Investigation and Husband’s Testimony

Chalong police station’s investigator, Pol Capt Jaras Lekpan, stated that the police and rescue teams were immediately dispatched to the scene after being notified of the deaths. The woman’s body was later sent to Chalong Hospital to undergo an autopsy, which would help determine the official cause of death.

The woman’s husband, who works in Surat Thani, shared with the police that he discovered the lifeless bodies of his wife and their two cats upon returning home that Sunday. He then proceeded to inform the authorities about the tragic incident.

He further disclosed that he had recently had an argument with his wife, who expressed feeling neglected by him and even mentioned wanting to die. As a result, it is currently presumed that she might have taken her own life, along with her pets, by filling the house with charcoal smoke.

Ongoing Investigation

While the preliminary findings suggest that this was a case of suicide, the police are still conducting a thorough investigation to gather more information and ascertain the exact circumstances surrounding the deaths. The autopsy results from Chalong Hospital will also play a vital role in determining the official cause of death and shedding light on this tragic event.