Training Project: Developing Excellent Service Behavior, 2nd Batch

training service behavior

Opening Ceremony at Koh Samui Municipality

On August 10, 2023, the Phetch Samui meeting room in Koh Samui Municipality hosted the opening ceremony of the Training Project’s 2nd Batch, focused on Developing Excellent Service Behavior. The event was chaired by Mr. Pakorn Kanchanophas, Deputy Mayor of Koh Samui Municipality, and was organized under the annual training project aimed at enhancing efficiency and developing the capacity of municipal employees, regular workers, and permanent staff in 2023.

Objectives of the Training Project

Miss Narumon Nakphetphul, Head of the Recruitment and Appointment Department, acting on behalf of the Director of the Officials Department, reported on the objectives of the training project. The purpose of this 2nd Batch Training Project is to create a vision, change the way of thinking, and revamp the work methods for personnel responsible for receiving and communicating with the public seeking government services.

Participants and Training Sessions

A total of 102 people participated in the training, which was divided into two sessions: morning and afternoon, with 51 attendees each. The Deputy Secretary of the Municipality, Head of Government Agencies, and Municipal Officials were among the attendees. The training aimed to enable personnel to provide good service behavior, effective communication skills, and seamless coordination between departments.

Lecturer and Course Content

Dr. Napath Pathradechakul, the highest executive of Mee Fah Koh Samui Language School, served as the lecturer for the training. He provided valuable knowledge on both theoretical and practical aspects of the course. The training emphasized the importance of strengthening the knowledge and techniques of personnel in delivering excellent service to the public.

Impact on Government Services

The training focused on equipping personnel with the skills to apply their newly acquired knowledge to their respective duties, ensuring that the public receives the highest level of satisfaction and efficiency from government services. By investing in the development of excellent service behavior, Koh Samui Municipality aims to foster a positive service culture that benefits both the personnel and the public.

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