Waste-Free School Project: A Sustainable Initiative for the Future

environment sustainability


On September 6, 2023, at 9:00 am, Wat Bunyarikaram School in Bo Phut Subdistrict, Koh Samui District, marked the beginning of a significant environmental project. Mr. Suchat Srisai, a member of the Health Insurance Fund Committee, presided over the opening ceremony of the Waste-Free School Project. The event brought together community committee members, teachers, students, and municipal employees from the Department of Public Health and Environment.

Project Objectives

The Waste-Free School Project aims to provide health promotion, disease prevention, rehabilitation, and primary medical care services at the grassroots level. In addition, it focuses on organizing activities that promote health, prevent diseases, and ensure students obtain the knowledge and understanding required to manage waste efficiently in schools.

Embracing the 3Rs

Central to the project is the concept of the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. By incorporating these principles, the project aims to foster a sense of responsibility among students regarding waste reduction, waste separation, and waste reuse. Through these activities, the Waste-Free School Project aspires to create an environmentally conscious generation.

Community Involvement and Awareness

Another essential aspect of the project is raising awareness and encouraging participation in waste management from students. By actively involving them in the process, the project fosters a sense of collective responsibility towards the environment and helps create a sustainable future.

Support from the Koh Samui City Municipality Health Insurance Fund

Recognizing the importance of waste management and environmental conservation, the Koh Samui City Municipality Health Insurance Fund has supported the implementation of the Waste-Free School Project. This backing demonstrates a commitment to the project’s objectives and strives towards establishing truly waste-free schools for generations to come.