World Hindu Congress 2023: A Global Gathering in Bangkok

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An International Event for Hindus

The World Hindu Congress (WHC) 2023 is gearing up to welcome approximately 3,000 Hindus from 60 countries, making it a significant gathering of Hindu communities and organizations. Scheduled for November 24-26, this landmark event will take place in Bangkok, marking the first time it’s hosted in the vibrant Thai capital.

With the theme “Jayasya Aayatnam Dharmah” or “Dharma, the Abode of Victory,” this congress aims to celebrate the virtues and accomplishments of Hindus worldwide. The tradition of organizing the WHC every four years began with its inception in New Delhi in 2014, followed by a successful event in Chicago in 2018.

Connecting Cultures and Celebrating Heritage

According to Susheel Kumar Saraff, chairman of WHC 2023, Southeast Asia and Thailand share strong ties with Hindu culture. Ancient architectural marvels in the region, such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Borobudur Temple in Indonesia, My Son Temple in Vietnam, and Wat Phu in Laos, reveal the profound influence of Hindu and Indian architecture.

Hosting the WHC 2023 presents a unique opportunity for Thailand to showcase its tourism and economy to Hindu communities around the world. In addition, it serves as a platform for expanding networks that facilitate future investment and cultural exchanges.

A Meeting of Minds

The WHC functions as a forum for Hindu leaders, activists, and thinkers to share ideas and work together toward the common goal of revitalizing Hindu virtues. Seven key meeting topics will be discussed, covering a wide range of subjects, including economics, education, media, politics, feminism, youth, and civil groups.

This prestigious conference will attract prominent figures from various sectors, emphasizing the diverse representation of the global Hindu community. A staggering 16% of the world population, or 1.2 billion people, identifies as Hindu, with communities spanning across 200 countries.

A Celebration of Unity and Progress

The World Hindu Congress 2023 promises to be a vibrant and meaningful gathering, reinforcing the bonds between Hindu communities across the globe. As Bangkok prepares to host this remarkable event, it is an opportunity to strengthen cultural connections and foster cooperation among Hindus from all walks of life.