Arrest of Deputy Police Chief’s Classmate in Online Gambling Case

online gambling illegal activity


A police major general, who was a classmate of deputy national police chief Surachate Hakparn, has been arrested along with eight other suspects for operating three illegal online gambling websites. The websites, RRD789, BLUE789, and SEXY789, were targeted by authorities following a complaint from a 24-year-old programmer who claimed to have been abducted and assaulted by the operators.

Details of the Arrest

Pol Gen Surachate confirmed that his academy classmate was among the nine suspects arrested on charges of hosting illegal electronic gambling and money laundering. The suspects’ assets, totaling around 200 million baht, will be thoroughly investigated.

The deputy police chief emphasized that the case would be handled fairly and that all suspects would face legal action, regardless of their connection to him.

The Complainant’s Story

The 24-year-old complainant, who worked as a programmer and administrator for the gambling websites, told police that he was kidnapped from his home in Bangkok’s Chokchai area in January. He was then taken to a coffee shop in Chon Buri, where he was accused of lowering the revenue from the gambling websites. The young man was subsequently assaulted and forced to pay 100,000 baht for his freedom.

The man also informed investigators that the operator of the websites was a classmate of Pol Gen Surachate. A police inspector connected to the case was arrested for providing personal information about the complainant to the gang, which was then used to threaten him.

The Online Gambling Business

Initially, the illegal online gambling operation was based in Chon Buri. However, the operators later shifted to working from their homes. Authorities are closely examining the source of the suspects’ assets, which are estimated to be worth around 200 million baht.


The online gambling case has gained significant attention due to the involvement of the deputy police chief’s classmate. With nine suspects now in custody, authorities are committed to ensuring a fair and thorough investigation, leading to appropriate legal action against all involved.