Enhancing Community Management Skills: A Training Project for Local Committees

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A New Approach to Community Development

The Community Management Training Project is an initiative aimed at empowering community committees in Talin Ngam Subdistrict, Lipa Noi Subdistrict, and Ang Thong Subdistrict. This project focuses on providing knowledge, skills, and experience sharing to help community committee members become more efficient in their roles and responsibilities. The ultimate goal is to ensure their work is truly beneficial to the public.

Training Sessions and Participants

The training sessions were held between August 23-24 and 26, 2019, with a total of 565 participants from 113 community committees. Each community was represented by five of its members, who had all been appointed as community committee members since August 10, 2019. The training aimed to reach 200 community committee members from the three subdistricts.

Expert Lectures to Boost Knowledge and Skills

Several lecturers shared their knowledge and experiences during the training sessions, including:

Urban Planning and Management

Mr. Panom Vilairat, the Secretary of Koh Samui Municipality, provided insights on urban planning and management for basic infrastructure. He discussed the roles and responsibilities of community committees and relevant laws governing their performance.

Meeting Reports and Financial Regulations

Ms. Benyani Wiangwira, the Director of the Social Welfare Division, shared her expertise in writing meeting reports and preparing financial regulations. These skills are crucial for the future disbursement of community committee remuneration.

Community Planning and Project Proposals

Dr. Chanphon Chuangchoti, the Dean of the International College of Tourism at Rajabhat University Surat Thani, guided participants on the process of community planning and writing standard project proposals. Community planning is the main responsibility of community committees, as stipulated by law.

The Impact of the Training Project

The Social Welfare Division of Koh Samui Municipality implemented the community management training project to achieve several goals:

  • Enhance leadership skills and proficiency in community management
  • Strengthen teamwork among community committee members
  • Continuously develop community activities

Through these training sessions, community committee members can apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to effectively manage their communities. This initiative also serves as an essential mechanism for driving the policies of the municipality’s executives towards practical implementation.