Myanmar Refugees Seek Shelter in Thailand Amid Ongoing Conflict

myanmar refugees

Escalating Conflict Displaces Thousands

As the conflict between the military and ethnic groups in Myanmar rages on, nearly 4,800 Myanmar nationals have sought refuge in the Mae Hong Son border districts in Thailand. The fighting has been particularly intense along the Thai-Myanmar border opposite tambon Sao Hin of Mae Sariang district and tambon Mae Ngao of Khun Yuam district.

Local Support for Refugees in Thailand

To accommodate the influx of refugees, four shelters have been set up in the Mae Sariang and Khun Yuam districts, housing a total of 4,798 individuals. Local officials, in collaboration with the Thai Red Cross Society, are providing humanitarian assistance to the displaced persons by supplying essential items such as food, water, and clothing.

Residents of Mae Hong Son have also generously contributed to the relief efforts by donating supplies. Authorities have confirmed that adequate provisions are available at the shelters. Local offices of the Thai Red Cross Society are still actively seeking donations, which can be dropped off at the offices of the Mae Sariang and Khun Yuam districts.

Charitable Groups Lend a Helping Hand

Saphan Boon Khru Nueng, a charity group founded by Chartchai Noisakul, plans to deliver essential supplies to the shelters every week until the situation stabilizes. In the meantime, the Thai-Myanmar border administration center has dispatched teams to construct and manage sanitation systems at the shelters, as well as to provide security.

Infrastructure Development at the Shelters

Soldiers from the 36th mobile development unit under the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters have been assigned to dig wells and build garbage dump sites at the shelters. Additionally, volunteers from the non-government sector are working to improve the water system for the refugees.

To ensure the safety of shelter residents, security checkpoints have been established, and teams have been assigned to hold daily meetings to monitor and assess the situation.

Seeking a Resolution

As the conflict in Myanmar continues, it is crucial for the international community to address the ongoing crisis and find a solution for those affected. In the meantime, the generous support from Thai locals, the Thai Red Cross Society, and various charity groups continues to provide relief for the thousands of displaced individuals seeking refuge in Thailand.