Phuket Speedboat Accident: 30 Injured and 1 Missing

phuket speedboat accident

Overview of the Incident

On a fateful Wednesday evening, a speedboat carrying 33 Russian tourists met with an unfortunate accident in Chalong Bay, Phuket. The crash left 30 people injured, with one tourist still missing. The boat, Thanathip Marine 555, was returning from the Phi Phi islands to Chalong Bay when it hit a channel marker at around 5:30 PM.

Preliminary Investigation

The provincial marine chief, Nachapong Pranit, has been leading the investigation regarding the accident. Preliminary findings suggest that the boat driver, Sathit Matchai, might have dozed off while navigating the vessel, causing the crash. The channel marker, located approximately 700 meters from the Chalong pier, was struck, resulting in severe damage to the speedboat.

Injuries and Aftermath

The accident led to various injuries among the passengers and crew. Around ten individuals, including the boat driver, suffered broken limbs due to the impact. Two people have been reported to have sustained serious injuries, while others experienced minor wounds. The injured were taken to seven different hospitals on the island for treatment and care.

Search and Rescue Efforts

As one tourist remains unaccounted for, search and rescue efforts have been initiated to locate the missing individual. The local authorities and rescue teams are working tirelessly to ensure the safe return of the missing tourist.

Safety Measures and Precaution

In light of this unfortunate event, it is crucial for travelers and tour operators to prioritize safety when venturing out at sea. Ensuring that responsible personnel are well-rested and alert is crucial in preventing such accidents. Tourists should also be made aware of safety guidelines and emergency protocols to minimize risks during their excursions.

Thus, while enjoying the natural beauty of the islands, tourists and operators alike must maintain a keen sense of awareness and precaution to safeguard the well-being of all parties involved.