Polish Tourist Denied Bail in Murder Case

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Arrest at Cambodian Border

A Polish tourist, Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow, aged 25, was arrested in Sa Kaeo province’s Aranyaprathet district on Monday while attempting to flee to Cambodia. He is suspected of murdering and dismembering his Ukrainian girlfriend, Alona Savchenko, aged 25, in a high-rise condominium in Bangkok’s Bang Kholaem district after arriving as a tourist on April 29.

No Bail in Bangkok Court

The Bangkok South Criminal Court has denied bail to Lagoda-Filippow, stating that the severity of the case could tempt the suspect to flee the country. The arrest took place at the Immigration Office in the border town of Aranyaprathet, demonstrating his intention to leave Thailand.

Gruesome Scene at Condominium

Wat Phaya Krai police found Savchenko’s body in a condominium unit on the 32nd floor, covered with a blanket. They discovered a stab wound to her chest, her left arm dismembered from her wrist, and her head nearly severed. A 46-centimeter handsaw was found nearby. According to the post-mortem, the victim might have been dead for up to 24 hours before her body was discovered.

Suspect’s Bizarre Actions

Investigators found that Lagoda-Filippow entered Thailand on a tourist visa on April 29. On Monday, he took a taxi and asked the driver if he could find a store that sold deodorant. He also told the driver he had just murdered his girlfriend and sought someone to help him finish dismembering the body. The taxi driver later informed the police, initially believing that the suspect was joking.

Upon dropping Lagoda-Filippow off at his condominium, the driver reported that the suspect continued discussing the murder. The driver also noted a strong smell of blood emanating from the suspect while in the taxi. Consequently, the driver informed the condominium staff about the suspect’s claims, who later discovered the victim’s body.

Legal Proceedings

Lagoda-Filippow is currently in custody under Section 288 of the Criminal Code and can be detained for up to 12 days while the investigation continues. The court’s decision to withhold bail reflects the gravity of the crime and the potential risk of the suspect attempting to flee the country.