phuket crime-free measures

Successful Phuket Crime-Free Project

The Phuket crimefree project has demonstrated notable success with over 1,000 foreigners apprehended for overstaying their visas. This achievement was made possible through the collaboration of 800 accommodation providers and the local Phuket Immigration Office. ## Strengthening Law Enforcement through Cooperation

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national police chief bribery

Investigating Overweight-Truck Bribe-Paid Stickers

National police chief Pol Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapas has directed the highway police to look into allegations that drivers of overloaded trucks bearing special bribepaid stickers are avoiding arrest. Police spokesman Pol Lt Gen Archayon Kraithong stated on Monday that Pol Gen Damrongsak wants the Highway Police Division to swiftly uncover the truth behind these accusations.

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cyanide thailand

Tightening Regulations on Cyanide Resale in Thailand

In light of the recent case involving alleged serial killer Sararat “Aem Cyanide” Rangsiwuthaporn, Thai authorities are taking a closer look into the resale of cyanide compounds in the country. Sararat is suspected of using cyanide acquired from a reseller to kill at least 13 people. As a result, police have decided to press charges against a company that imported cyanide compounds and sold them to other retailers.

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weather thailand

Storm Warning for Upper Thailand

Upper regions of Thailand are expected to experience scattered thunderstorms, gusty winds, hail, and possible lightning strikes from May 810, according to the Meteorological Department. This weather is being influenced by a moderate highpressure system originating from China, extending over the upper Northeast Region of Thailand and the South China Sea starting from Monday. Concurrently, southerly and southeasterly winds are bringing humidity from the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea to the upper part of the country, where hot to very hot weather persists.

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